How architecture is emerging in the Modern world?

Architecture can be described as an art that involves constructing and designing buildings and even other physical objects. Due to the basic need of human beings, architecture has a great impact on human history. Architecture can be symbolized as culture, tradition, climate, and technology of the country. As compared to primitive ages, where the man used to live in caves, modern trends have been changed. It is correct to say that “necessity is the mother of invention” in the architecture world too as human beings began to construct houses using stones to protect themselves from wild animals and extremely bad weather conditions. Then the new invention came with houses made up of bricks and then these bricks were used in a much stronger way to protect themselves from the worst natural disasters.

Many artists have given different definitions to architecture hence the static definition does not exist. Because a man in his lifetime has to live with architecture, whether small or tall, poor or rich or living anywhere in the world, so, it can be described as an art that has a direct concern with human beings. Architecture does not depend on one’s like or dislike, it is the necessity.

In ancient times, it used to define the climate, tradition, and culture of the civilizations as you can have an idea from Indian and Egyptian architecture. With the passage of era, new inventions are coming in the field of architecture technology and other chemical areas. New materials are coming at much lower prices from many architects and chemists.

Modern architecture is the combination of good technology, well-mannered structuralism, and high formalism. Rapid growing professionalism has originated a new architecture that is high people-oriented and less ornamental. Modern architects are constructing and designing self-sufficient buildings that fulfill all energy demands. You can have the example of dynamic towers as the best sustainable example that is combined with water turbines and solar panels to fulfill all needs.

To sum up, we can say that architecture has a great impact on human beings’ lives. Power and development of the nation can be sustained with an environmental friendly architecture.